Monday, August 9, 2010


breakfast begins
put on hold for a bloody nose
then the kitchen fuse blew three times
about an hour later it's ready & on the table
most of it ended up on the floor
then it was time to pick out the kiddos clothes for the day
and take the dog to the backyard
where i watered her.
then inside to bring down all of brooks toys
and send jackie some love while i play bejeweled and the kids watch spongebob
bejeweled always messes up.
spongebob ds game
holding the dog so she doesn't jump on the kids
surprisingly not getting my shoes ate up
playing outside before it gets too hot out
trying to figure out this stupid game for a kid
putting tiny shoes on tiny feet
if only you could hear how loud this was.
lunch time
cutting up kid size bites
rinsing plates and sticky hands

carrying toys up for nap
this girl needs way too many toys to sleep with
waiting for the satellite to work ..for the other kids to nap
taking out the trash and getting the dog
giving the dog lunch
the dog taunting me
the dog attacking me
finally time for me to eat, and the fuse blows for the 4th time today
eating my toy story lunch, and waiting for the satellite to work since the fuse blew & reset it, again.
lounging for a bit
chase drew a picture me
and comes down from nap with his pants on inside out, hah
other kids are up from nap, diaper time
the only time out of the day!
had to bring all the toys back down from her room
throwing a fit about mario
it's 4 o'clock now, time to clean up
water the dog again,& try to get her to eat the food she didn't eat earlier
take her out to pee
get my stuff ready
kids were calm, so i was reading charlie
it's 5 now and the toys are back
i leave, get a 6pack, ciggos, and a lottery ticket.
i come home and my dads making me a margarita ..on the rocks.

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